The EUPOP 2018 DRAFT programme (situation in 20th July, 2018, some small changes are possible, as some of the chairs are yet to be notified)

ABSTRACT BOOK (saveable and searchable):


!!! PLEASE NOTE a room change: all sessions which were earlier marked to C212 have been moved to C135 !!!




12:00-13:00 Registration (Celetna 20, entrance hall)

13:00-14.30 Opening Words & Keynote 1, Academy Professor Hannu Salmi (Lecture hall C138) Chair: Kari Kallioniemi

Yves Montand’s Tour of the Eastern Bloc: Transnational Stardom in 1956/57

14.30-15.00 Coffee and Sandwiches (Lecture hall C138)

15:00-16.40 Parallel sessions 1

Session 1 Music and Nationalism I (Seminar room C139) Chair: Kari Kallioniemi

When Was Italian Rock Born? Italian Beat Re-Considered
Jacopo Conti

The borders of fun: decoding rock tradition in Soviet Lithuania
Ieva Gudaitytė

Session 2 Online Cultures (Seminar room C144) Chair: Kimi Kärki

“I’ve got thirty ships” Fan vernacular in Hungarian online fan communities
Boglárka Fazekas

Discussions On Reality Shows’ Websites and Facebook Pages About Poverty and Low-Income People
Jakub Machek

Session 3 Fandom and Politics (Seminar room C135) Chair: Pekka Kolehmainen

Rock and Freedom in the Pop-Cultural Philosophy of Francis Schaeffer
Pekka Kolehmainen

The Subversive Potential of Fan Activism
Iveta Jansová


Session 4 Cinema & Costume (Seminar room C134) Chair: Pamela Church Gibson

The Fast, The Furious and the Tom Ford Suits – Contemporary Configurations of Masculinity on Screen
Pamela Church Gibson

Deconstructing the Closet: Almodovar, Masculinity, the Body and Costume
Jacky Collins & Sarah Gilligan

‘Big Boots, No Knickers’: Doc Martens and Femininity in Popular Culture
Georgia Mackay


16.40-17.55 Parallel sessions 2

Session 5 Arts, Pioneers, Frontiers (Seminar room C139) Chair: Paul Mountfort

Defending the Candid: Street Photography, the Civil Contract and the New Public Morality
Paul Mountfort

Start of Performance Art in Lithuania – AN Festivals
Marija Griniuk

Manya Shochat: A Pioneer
Orli Sela

Session 6 Popular Culture in Czech Republic (Seminar room C144) Chair: Karel Šima

Czech Humorous Hoaxes
Ewelina Warner

Commercial, or popular literature? The case of small publishers’ fairs in Czech Republic
Kateřina Kirkosová

Food journalism – modern hype or long tradition?
Kristina Zábrodská

Session 7 Talking Machines and Progressive Rock (Seminar room C135) Chair: Kimi Kärki

The Smile of Ash: Voicing the AI in Three Visionary Science Fiction Films
Kimi Kärki

From Tape Paranoia to Man-Machine Symbiosis. The Singing Machines and Robotic Voices of Kraftwerk
Pertti Grönholm

Who Killed Progressive Rock
Jan Borek

18:30-21.30 Lecture & Evening Reception at the Charles University Faculty of Arts (nám. Jana Palacha 1/2, 116 38 Staré Město, Czechia)

Keynote 2, Professor Petr A. Bílek (Charles University Faculty of Arts). Chair: Kimi Kärki
Distant Encounters of the Third Kind: Why Is Popular Culture Not Popular within Central European University Curricula?



10-11.40 Parallel sessions 3

Session 8 Television and Celebrity (Seminar room C139) Chair: Noora Kallioniemi

The Upside-Down World of Frank Pappa. Political parody as social commentator in Finnish television in the 1990s
Noora Kallioniemi

The “Celebrity- Author” in Cinema and Television
Inês Rebanda Coelho

Female TV characters in the context of crime genres
Jana Jedličková & Iveta Jansová

Social-Realist Style and Cultural Identity in ‘Gritty’ Television Costuming
Josette Wolthuis

Session 9 Dystopian and Noir Imaginations (Seminar room C144) Chair: Pertti Grönholm

The Typecasting of Female Characters in George Orwell’s Animal Farm Disney’s Zootopia
Melanie A. Marotta

The Identity of Death in Ian Fleming’s You Only Live Twice
Zsolt Beke

The Contemporary French Roman Noir: Popular Culture With a Conscience
Angela Kimyongür

Session 10 Music and Feminism (Seminar room C135) Chair: Marika Ahonen

European Identities On the Move: Transnationality in the Work of Singer-Songwriter Christina Rosenvinge at the Context of Post-Franco Spain
Marika Ahonen

Female Singer-Songwriters of the 1990s in Ukraine and Russia: Post-Sovietness and ‘Woman’s Work’
Juliana Matasova

The Groupie Revival; Feminist Perspectives
Ellie Foden

Examining European Punk-Feminist Festivals as Places of a Queer Feminist Subculture
Louise Barrière

Session 11 Portraying Europe (Seminar room C134) Chair: Kari Kallioniemi

Iconic European Painters: A New Graphic Novel Boom
Tobias J. Yu-Kierner

Europe in Allegorical Art
Sibel Almelek Isman

European Flight: The Analysis of the Logotypes of the European Airways as Form and Content in the Context of Representing European Identity
Cinla Seker

The Coverage of ‘Europe’ and ‘European Identity’ in European Movies produced between 1990 and 2017
Abdülaziz Ahmet Yaşar


12 Lunch (Lecture hall C138)

13:30-14.30 Keynote 3, Professor Emerita Hilary Radner (Lecture Hall C138) Chair: Pamela Church Gibson
Resurgent Feminism: From the Event Movie to the Little Film

14.30-15 Coffee (Lecture hall C138)

15:00-16.40 Parallel sessions 4

Session 12 European National Cinema (Seminar room C139) Chair: Tommi Römpötti

Geography, Class, and Neoliberalism in the Finnish Films of the 2000s
Tommi Römpötti

Women’s Voices Silenced in Claude Chabrol’s Une Affaire de Femmes/Story of Women (1988)
Ann Marie Condron

Seeing the Italian Culture through the Eyes of Ferzan Ozpetek: Queers, Immigrants, Global Nomads and the Changing Nature of Italian Society
Ahmet Atay

Session 13 Music and Nationalism II (Seminar room C144) Chair: Graham H. Roberts

Turbofolk: Political (Un)Conditionality in Serbia
Jovana Đurić

A Music Video as a Playground for National Identity Search in Latvia
Agnese Logina

Session 14 Fantasy and Imagination (Seminar room C135) Chair: Kimi Kärki

Jane Austen as live action role playing: collaborative storytelling and the materialization of gender
Sara Bjärstorp and Petra Ragnerstam

Otherness, Difference and the Issue of Intolerance in Imaginative Fiction
Viviane Bergue

Session 15 Fashion (Seminar room C134) Chair: Pamela Church Gibson

On Postmodern Fashion: Virgil Abloh’s New Fashion Identity
Vanessa Gerrie

Target Customer Avatar: Mobile Technology in the Classroom for Fashion Business
LaPorchia Davis
, Najma Jamaludeen & Shandra Williams

The Identity of Emerging Mainland Chinese Fashion Design
Christine Tsui


16.40-18.20 Parallel sessions 5

Session 16 Film (Seminar room C139) Chair: Kimi Kärki

Blade Runner Revisited: From Singularity to Revelation
Martin Charvát

Eating Dog or Bopping in the Youth Club – Documentary Films of the Late 1950s and Working Class Identities Among Young People in The Gold Coast and Great Britain
Marja Pallassalo

The Elegance of the Japanese Man in Mona Achanche’s Le Hérisson
Mark Hollstein

Session 17 Gender and Television (Seminar room C144) Chair: Siri Lindholm

Humorous Portrayals of Female Sexual Pain in Popular Culture
Siri Lindholm

Basic Research for the Future: Transhumanism and Gender in Das Blaue Palais (1974–76)
Lisa Meinecke

A “Tyke” in Edinburgh: Jackson Broadie and the Female Gaze
Sabrina Mittermeier & Jennifer Volkmer

Being Human: The Female Ghost, Race, and Gender on Television in England and America
Robin Roberts

Session 18 United and Divided Europe (Seminar room C135) Chair: Kari Kallioniemi

Scott Walker and His Dark European Imagination
Kari Kallioniemi

The Intervision Song Contest: European Identity and Popular Music in Eastern Europe During the Cold War
Dean Vuletic

Searching for a Eurovision: Myth-Making in the European Union
Vincent Della Sala

‘Brexit’ and the Rise of Populist Culture in the United Kingdom – How Did This Happen?
Deborah Burns

Session 19 Graphic Novel I (Seminar room C134) Chair: Pekka Kolehmainen

Medievalism Made Me Do It: The Feedback Loop of Brutality in Comics
Elizabeth Woock

Theater within the Graphic Novel about Theater: Neil Gaiman’s Concept of the Artist in His A Midsummer Night’s Dream
Ildikó Limpár

The shadow of the vampire – half-vampires as figures of the ambivalence between manhood and monstrosity
Ramona Kahl & Marguerite Rumpf

20:00 Reception in PopMuseum (Bělohorská 201/150,
We will be guided by Dr Aleš Opekar.


10-11 EPCA General Meeting (Lecture Hall C138)

11-12 Special Session (Lecture Hall C138)

How to get published: a workshop and Q&A with Intellect Books & Journals
James Campbell

12-13:30 Lunch (Lecture hall C138)

13:30-15:10 Parallel sessions 6

Session 20 Transcultural Europe (Seminar room C139) Chair: Pekka Kolehmainen

European Folkloric Performance in Post-Katrina New Orleans: Welcoming Krampus to the Big Easy
Leslie A. Wade

(Re)Introducing European Beer Culture to a Conservative U.S. Community, 150 Years Later
Melynda Thorpe

Session 21 Soviet and Russian Popular Culture (Seminar room C144) Chair: Graham H. Roberts

Queering the Stitch: Fashion, Masculinity and the Post-Socialist Body
Graham H. Roberts

Playing Soviet Arcade Games: Refashioning Capitalist Competition to Reflect Soviet Values
Dawn Spring

Session 22 Graphic Novel II (Seminar room C135) Chair: Kari Kallioniemi

From Bécassine to Mickey Mouse: The Théâtre du Petit Monde, Comics, and Children’s Popular Culture in Interwar Paris
Jennifer L. Sovde

Ulli, Embodied: Pictorial Embodiment and Identity in Ulli Lust’s Graphic Narrative Today Is the Last Day of the Rest of Your Life
Raisa Aho

15:15 End of the conference. Announcing the EUPOP 2019 city (Lecture Hall C138)